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'Host Body' 7" (2012)

Image of 'Host Body' 7" (2012)


3 song 7", handpainted sleeves, 154 copies

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"I tend to enjoy any record that looks like it came out of a wet
recycling bin, this self-released Yi single being no exception. They play a kind of high-energy, jagged indie-rock, reminding me of hometown-brethren Sopors, but with a wider range of songwriting ability – these guys go from mod-ish power-pop to a riff-heavy chorus in a few short moments and it’s all seamless. Almost reminds me of The Mae Shi, but without all the tomfoolery. Or perhaps even a smidge of Homosexuals? There are three songs here, and they’re all different enough that I can’t pinpoint where Yi are headed… even so, it sounds like a place where Gang Of Four, Home Blitz and Tyvek can all walk down the street without getting mugged. If this sounds appealing, try to track Yi down on the Internet and see if they don’t send you some newspaper with a 7″ fit snugly inside, too." -yellowgreenred

"A debut of fuckerdly recorded, almost weird-punk punk that has pop hooks slathered under a thick film of rotten refuse bin remains. The whoa-ohs and chorus of “Total Shit System” lend a smidge of bedroom Raygun to the mix. “Host Body” brings more than a caboodle full of art supplies to the table, making it ooze like a syrupy sludge spat up from the LiveFastDie songbook. It gets damn near tuff and tackling on the flips’ “Brain Party”. Rocks out with a Mistreaters punch til the spaced out guitar fidgets and deconstructs over a steadfast churning bass noodle. Diggin’ it all. Even the hooks. I’m getting to be a softy in my old age. Good to know I live near ‘em. Oh shit! I’m playin’ a show with ‘em next week…ah, the sweet berries of life. How many pressed? Unknown – but it comes in a recycled hand painted newspaper sleeve. Find one. (RSF)" - Terminal Boredom

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